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Children with disabilities are like butterflies with a broken wing. They are just as beautiful as all others, but they need help to spread their wings.

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To make a donation to the Quebec Society for Disabled Children

« To hear your son say a few words, to watch him play with a little friend, to realize that he learned a new game, these are joys that are common to all mothers. When your son is five years old and is barely starting to do these things which you wondered if he ever would, you feel overwhelming joy. My son Henri-Louis has a global developmental disorder. To be able to socialise with others and to learn to say a few words, he needed a lot of stimulation and attention. Thanks to the Society, Henri-Louis managed to develop his full potential.»

Vânia Aguiar
Mother of Henri-Louis

The Papillon services enable children with disabilities to develop their potential like all other children. Each year, 2,000 children and their parents appeal to the Quebec Society for Disabled Children. Via its respite program, reference and information service, residences, vacation camp, transportation service, and early childhood stimulation centre, the Society strives by all possible means to respond to the most pressing needs of the children and their family.

The sums raised enable the Society to fund :

  • 3,700 night-stays benefit 1,300 children and adolescents in the 2 respite residences;
  • 2,000 disabled campers are hosted each year in one of the leading specialised camps for children with disabilities in North America (Camp Papillon);
  • An information and reference service (Carrefour Papillon) whose documentation centre contains close to 1,000 specialised resources to help the parents from all corners of Quebec to find the specific answers to their needs and those of their child;
  • An early childhood stimulation centre (le Jardin des Papillons) offers to young disabled children the necessary tools to favour their development and integration in neighbourhood daycares and pre-schools.

3,125 families receive direct support from the Society every year.

For children up to 18 years of age, the total costs of a ten-day regular stay at Camp Papillon are $1,725. Thanks to the generous support of the Society's donors, low income families may receive financial assistance of up to $1,070.


Help us reach our goals

 Thanks to your support, the Quebec Society for Disabled Children hopes to soon be able to pilot many early childhood stimulation programs, establish Papillon Residences in all major areas of Quebec, and welcome more youngsters at Camp Papillon every summer. The Society is working on many other projects that aim to broaden its field of activities.



Children with disabilities thank you for making a donation right now !

For further information contact :

Suzy Guérin
Telephone : 514.937.6171 ext. 250
Toll free : 1 877 937.6171 ext. 250




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