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Children with disabilities are like butterflies with a broken wing. They are just as beautiful as all others, but they need help to spread their wings.

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Jardin des Papillons

(Stimulation and Occupational Therapy)

Responding to needs, one child at a time

Thanks to the Early Childhood Stimulation Centre and Occupational Therapy Jardin des Papillons, the Quebec Society for Disabled Children offers to young children from 1 to 5 years of age a unique program which favours the complete development of each child’s potential in order to facilitate integration in neighbourhood daycares or pre-schools.

In Quebec, 16,700 children under the age of 5 must cope with a physical or intellectual disability every day. Unfortunately, at present, the network of daycare centres can only welcome 1,517 of these disabled children who require more stimulation and special attention in order to better develop.

Jardin des Papillons is a stimulation centre that welcomes approximately forty children with special needs from Garderie Papillon, the Montreal Children’s Hospital and other external sources, from one to four times per week for a total of 1,040 sessions. A psycho-educator, and a specialised educator attend to the children on an individual basis or in groups. They also offer special educational support to the educators of Garderie Papillon.

The centre is equipped with a Snoezelen neuro-sensorial room, several classrooms, one of which is dedicated to the development of fine motor skills and language, and a gymnasium.

On the wings of the butterfly

Since 2007, the integration resource “On the wings of the butterfly” is offered to regular daycare services who welcome children with special needs. An educator from Jardin goes to help them establish an integration program in cooperation with the parents.

Complete support

Jardin des Papillons offers several support services to its stimulation centre :

  • Complete support to parents to help them ensure the continuity of their child’s development in daily life.
  • Training sessions in area daycares to facilitate the integration of children with disabilities in their environment.
  • A daycare service directly linked to the stimulation centre.

For further information :

Chantale Théroux
Director of Garderie and Jardin des Papillons
Telephone : 514 937.6171 ext. 209
Toll free : 1 877 937.6171 ext. 209
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