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Children with disabilities are like butterflies with a broken wing. They are just as beautiful as all others, but they need help to spread their wings.

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Papillon Day Care

The portal of a fulfilled life

Every day that passes in the life of a disabled child under the age of five when he does not receive all the guidance needed that would enable him to overcome his disability, to pronounce a few words, to take a few steps by himself towards the waiting arms of his mother, is a day that is foolishly lost, a day that will haunt all of us as a community that has the means to change lives, to change the world.

It is through Garderie Papillon and the stimulation centre Jardin des Papillons that we feel this sense of urgency that spurs us on at the Quebec Society for Disabled Children.

This specialized daycare integrated to Jardin des Papillons favours the development of disabled and disadvantaged children in all spheres of their growth thanks to a tailor-made educational program. Seventy children attend Garderie Papillon. Fifteen of them live with a disability that requires the professional supervision of educators, and specialized educators.

During the official inauguration of the daycare, the Minister of Family, and Status of Women declared that Garderie Papillon “offers to children, particularly children with disabilities, a stimulating environment that favours their integration and complete development.”

While applauding the partnership agreement between the Quebec Society for Disabled Children and the Montreal Children’s Hospital, the Minister confided that “it is with a lot of enthusiasm that I noticed the efforts expended by the Society to offer to the families, quality services adapted to their needs”.

The Montreal Canadiens Children's foundation, the Reddy Memorial Hospital’s Foundation and the Gustav Levinschi Foundation provided valuable and generous assistance in funding the new Papillon Daycare.

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