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Children with disabilities are like butterflies with a broken wing. They are just as beautiful as all others, but they need help to spread their wings.

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Caravan Papillon

The Grand Tour is about to begin!

This summer, Camp Papillon takes to the road. A part of the celebrated camp will transform into Caravan Papillon, tucking into its luggage a magic which, for close to 80 years, has set it apart from all other specialized camps in North America. It will offer this magic to disabled youngsters who will tour the Gaspésie region. The youngsters will sleep in different camps and will live many memorable activities specific to the region visited.

An unforgettable stay

The stay includes meals the trip, outings, meals, snacks, lodging, activities, and animation. The "explorers" must bring their own personal belongings (clothes, medication-dispill, toiletries, etc.). A complete list of items to bring will be provided following registration.

An attentive presence

A team of seasoned counsellors having received exhaustive training unique in Quebec will ensure the well-being and comfort of the campers and will move heaven and earth to make their stay unforgettable. A nursing assitant will accompany the campers during their exploration.

 2017 edition

The Caravan will hit the roads in Ontario. The dates will be confirm soon.

To register your child

1st step: Download the leaflet and send it to us by mail at the address below:

Quebec Society for Disabled Children
c/o Carole Guérin
2300 René-Lévesque Boulevard West
Montreal (Quebec)
Canada H3H 2R5

The number of places being limited, the “First come, first served” rule will be applied.

2nd step: Upon reception of the pre-registration form, we will send you an information booklet as well as the camper’s registration form.

Admission criteria

Campers must be between 3 and 21 years of age. Caravan Papillon reserves the right to refuse certain campers if it judges that is does not have the necessary medical resources to ensure them a quality stay.

To contact us

Caravan Papillon
2300 Rene-Levesque Boulevard West
Montreal (Quebec) H3H 2R5
Telephone: 1 877 937-6171, ext. 223
Fax: 514 937-0082

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Montréal (Québec) H3H 2R5

Telephone : 514 937.6171
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